Thursday, 11 June 2009

A tired mind gives you photos

A bit of a strange post I guess. I've got a few Oreo cupcakes, a few toffee cupcakes, a brand new cupcake stand and a couple of peach roses to show you :-)

Pic spam? Oh go on then.

So here is a fairly vague shot of cupcakes. We like cupcakes, we know this. The speckly ones are Oreo (I've not made them before, but they were lovely. Not quite Oreo enough for me, I think I'd put them with Oreo butter cream to finish it, but I ran out of cookies and the poor cakes were saddled with vanilla butter cream instead. With a hint of almond. Because I shake things up like that *winks*)

And here is my cupcake stand that my awesome sister (the same one that made the glorious cake) gave me for my birthday. I'm still working out how to best love this. I think I'll adorn it with some wedding-style cupcakes next week (gotta build me a portfolio yo) and see if that does it justice. We shall see. The photo definately doesn't do it justice. You've got to see it in person. It's glorious. :-)

What next? Ah yes, the combination of the finished cupcakes and the cupcake stand of joy. I was really quite happy with how these turned out, particularly as this is my first foray into the world of chocolate pretties.

I took these into my old work to say hi and I've got to show you the way they looked in the box because I had a very childish squee over how professional they looked. I need to work on my photography though. Apologies for that :)

I've also got a cake order for Friday, an elegant ganache and rose cake that just happens to also be a rainbow cake (I think the idea is that you think that the cake is a very mature and pretty 70th birthday cake and then when you cut into it you see all the pretty colours. I've just got to get my layering right lol). And part of the decoration involves fondant flowers. So I figured I'd make some roses to go on top.

That was an awful photo. My sincere apologies. Try this one.

I've got to say, I'm really quite proud of my very first rose attempt. :D

Right, I'm off to bed. You may have gathered from the overall tone of this post that I'm quite tired... but you would be too if you'd spent nearly 24 hours out of the last 48 in a hot kitchen. I know, I know, you'd think a hot kitchen would be my ideal place - and it is normally - but the fun gets taken out of it somewhat when you're cooking what someone else has decided goes on the menu and when you're cooking to a time limit. Saying that though, I do like my job at Jacqueline's and it's definately perfect for me - they're so flexible about when I work. I've been there nearly 5 years now, first as a Saturday girl, then as a holiday girl (term time I worked in Accessorize, yay!) from Uni.

Bah. My jobs are not interesting, but there's a bit of Maag-trivia for you. Hold it close and cherish it.

ARGH! Right, I'm going to bed now, my tired addled brain is crying. Night all!

Maag xx


  1. Wow, that is so cool! I really love the decorations! I wanna know how to get cake orders! I would love to do that for a living!

  2. I think the first step is to find hungry friends willing to pay, lol. My first gig was a friend's Mum's neighbour. And my second was my Dad's friend's wife. My real interest lies with cupcakes, but sadly it seems that people are more interested in standard cakes for their occasions. I'm making a cupcake birthday spread for someone today, but that's unpaid :-) I do love doing this though!

  3. First rose attempt? No way. Those look professionally done. Lovely cupcakes!


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