Sunday, 7 June 2009

Maag's 21st Birthday Cake

In the next week or so there should be three new cakes, plus (hopefully) a wedding cupcake display, but for now I want to show you my own birthday cake.

My baby sister (who is not as much as a baby as I say she is, but is still not as old as she thinks she is) made me my birthday cake. My birthday was Friday the 5th and apparently she spent weeks online choosing different designs and combining them to make the perfect Laura-cake!

Before I show you it I should probably mention that red and white polka dots are my favourite pattern in the whole wide world. My blog is red and white; most of my cooking impliments are red and white - some with polka dots; I have shoes that I adore with red and white polka dots... you get the picture. And so she made me this:

She's never done any cake decorating at all, this is her very first attempt. Which is a hell site better than my first attempt, let me tell you! Mum helped her a very little bit with the white cover fondant, but I'm told that she did everything else. :-)

I love it. I love it a lot.

Although I wasn't thrilled when I brought it back for my housemates to try and they declared it a better carrot cake than mine. Especially as she's never made carrot cake before either! I'm telling myself that it's because mum was helping her make it and hers is better than mine anyway (mine is delicious, but always a little more dense than hers). Please, for the sake of my ego, could nobody correct me on this? Kthx :-)

Carrot cake is my favourite cake as well. I don't know if it's the cream cheese icing (I could eat that with a spoon) or the cake or the combination, but I love it.

So thank you very much Holly, I love you very much! xx


  1. That is the sweetest thing ever! It looks so good! I hope you had fun eating it!

  2. I had a tonne of fun eating it - it was absolutely delcious. :-D She's a sweetheart!

  3. Uhmm... your sister has mad fondant potential waiting to be developed.

    Also - not all cakes need to be light and fluffy! Some moments really require a denser carrot cake. Your recipe is probably just as fabulous as your mom's and your sister's.


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