Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day.

I love my Dad. I love him a lot. So I couldn't exactly let Father's Day go by uncake-ified.

It's a simple lemon drizzle cake with piped cream on top - very simple but very yummy. I hope he liked it anyway :-) I didn't want to make anything too sweet as he wasn't a huge fan of the fondant topping on his birthday cake. Butter cream would've been overpowering and probably quite sickly as well and a complete cover of cream would have been too cloying. So I present one of the least fussy cakes that I've made in about a year. But hopefully it got the message across. If it didn't, let me recap. Daddy, I love you enough to make you a cake. In fact, I love you a whole lot more than that but cake is how I show it. P.S. Sorry for feeding you so many calories. I'm sure you don't mind though.

He's awesome, I'm a lucky gal. Happy Father's Day Dad. xx

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