Monday, 15 June 2009

Cake Order - 70th birthday cake

So here is the 70th birthday cake that I made and delivered for Saturday. It was a rainbow cake, covered in ganache, topped with a rainbow cupcake and fondant roses. None of this was my idea, but I think it's awesome. A very elegant and dignified cake on the outside that reveals a mad and fun side when you cut into it.

I'm also quite pleased with the colours. The photo (once again *eyeroll*) doesn't do it justice, but each colour was really vibrant, with minimum amount of food colouring, which was good.

Top is blue, middle is violet and bottom is yellow.

Then I layered them and cut of the edges to make them all the same size and to give an even side. This photo is missing the red layer, as I believe it was still in the oven or on the cooling rack.
I do like making thin layer cakes as they do cool very quickly, which makes them easier to work with quickly. Even though it takes forever to cook all the layers in the first place.

Crumb coat of ganache. This turned out to be vital as this picked up every single crumb on the outside and the finish would've been awful if I'd only done the one layer.

Final layer of ganache - this had a lovely finish to it; bright but not shiny and greasy looking. It was also a nice thickness too. My main worry was that it would be too runny, but it was almost too viscous.

250g good quality chocolate, preferably 60-70% cocoa, depending on the depth of flavour you want
100ml cream
tbsp butter

Bring cream to boil, remove from heat and stir in chocolate, returning to a low heat to melt any lumps. Beat in butter and spread over cake.

This is the cake with the cupcake and roses on. My first attempt at roses - think they went pretty well! I painted them with both peach and white lustre so that they were shiny and the white ones were slightly tinted to blend in with the peach.

Annnnd the finished cake (finally) with '70' on sprung wires. It looks like '10' but that's just the camera angle I assure you :-D

All in all, a pretty nice cake. I was quite proud of it. Especially the roses *strokes them lovingly*

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