Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Supernatural Cakes and Cupcakes Order

*collapses in a heap*

Okay, that was hectic. So I finished and delivered my first proper cake order last night. The Supernatural one (the practice cupcakes are on my blog somewhere) and it was all very last minute. My timing was not great, but it all got done and looked good in the end (although I couldn't help feeling that it looked unfinished) and I know that it tasted great (cook's perks - tasting frosting and cake trimmings).

Yes this is me attaching fondant balls to the outside. I had a few disasters with this cake, including the devil's trap falling apart twice. And I seriously could not have done it without my Mum (she did the fondant Sam and Dean) and my little team of helpers - my friends that I brought for an idyllic two day holiday trip to Bath and ended up using and abusing, as they put the scrolls out on the cupcakes, boxed them all and then made a box to put the leftover cake in. It took 3 students, all of whom have just finished a degree, 45 minutes to make a 3" by 3" box :-D All I could hear from the other room was "we're ENGLISH students! We can't do this! We need a mathematician!" But it was an awesome box when it was done :)

So yeah, here is the finished cake (chocolate chip with chocolate buttercream if you were wondering).

And a side view of Dean (Sam being the possessed one on the top of the cake)

And the 37 cupcakes made to go with this order:

One third vanilla with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles, one third chocolate with chocolate buttercream and one third (gluten free) marble cake with marbled icing.

They moved around in the box a bit, although the icing had crusted enough for that not to matter. I'm going to look into a more fool-proof method of transporting cupcakes I think.

And that was my SPN order :-)


  1. Weee - I'm going to Asylum, I so hope I find out who ordered these - they look fabulous!

  2. I am a HUUUUGE supernatural fan and sam and dean are just gorgeous!

    Congratulations on your supernatural cake!


  3. You'll have to let me know if you find them violetknights! I'll be thrilled if they're actually out for the public (although I think that they're cast members and friends of the person who ordered them only)

    I just tried out your chocolate chip muffins Trisha :-D They're lovely!

  4. Wow! That is just awesome! You baking people are so talented. I could never do what you do. I can barely put together a cake mix.

  5. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I featured this in my weekly column on Fandomania:

  6. Love the cake gr8 job.

  7. Love the cake its soooo cool I just want to eat it and I love Supernatural even on a cake.

    Sara Amos....

  8. Just curious, where did you get the symbol that you put on the top?


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