Thursday, 14 May 2009

How very exciting, I have a blog! How about some (very poor quality) photos of yummy things that I have made recently?

The wedding cake that I made for my friend Niki. This was about two months ago and is the cake that I'm most proud of! I swear, it was more important to me than my dissertation.

My sister's 18th birthday cake. The little cupcake parcels were dipped in white chocolate with fondant bow detail.

Jenny's 21st birthday cake, styled on a House of the Dead (2? 3?) zombie. This was absolutely revolting looking, but it tasted damn good. Especially as that 'blood' is homemade raspberry sauce. Yum.

My housemate's 21st birthday cake. I wish I'd made this two months later, when I'd actually got the hang of fondant bows, but sadly this was my first attempt. You can tell.

Rachel's 21st birthday cake. All my friends are 21 now, it's a bit weird. We all appear to be getting to the Grown Up part of life. This must be remedied immediately by a stint in the ball pen and jelly and ice cream. But more to the point, this is a Supernatural cake, with a devil's trap made in buttercream with fondant Sam and Dean adorning it lovingly. You can't see, but Dean is wearing chaps. We wanted to give Rachel Dean's bum for her 21st, but for legal reasons we obviously couldn't. Plus, I think he needs it to sit on.

There you go! A few cakes to start off the blog. I will keep you updated with anything else I make in the next few days. There's an Xmen cake in the offing, just to warn you.

Much love,

Maag x

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  1. Your cakes are awesome! I particularly love the zombie cake; so cool!


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