Sunday, 16 August 2009

Here she comes to cake the daaaay


No more shall I hide behind crazy work loads! Here I am, back and excitable as ever. I don't actually have very many photos on this laptop (my laptop needs to have a new power box, so until that arrives I am borrowing my mum's with her kind permission) but here is a cake that I made last week for a 50th birthday.

The cake itself was lemon, with lemon butter cream, coloured fondant and hand made roses.

As this was to be delivered at 8.30am I didn't take any photos myself - this is a photo that the client kindly sent me.

As is this one, with the candles lit. The fondant looks a bit dusty in this one, maybe I should invest in shinier fondant (i.e. marshmallow I would imagine).

Righto, now I'm off to wash my hair. Not because it is dirty, but because I dyed it last night and got so absorbed in my book that the recommended 25 minutes developing time turned into 40. And now I have black hair instead of the beautiful mahogany brown that I was after. *Le sigh* sometimes I think it would be easier just to go back to having blue hair. Unfortuantely nobody takes you seriously with peacock hair and at the moment I need to be a serious businesswoman. Darn social expectations.

Until next time!


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